Let’s face the fact that the objective of an online presence is to get customers. We at Zolly Blue understand that the leads that are generated in a digital marketing campaign takes competence and a solid team of people that will continue to come up with the right content to nurture your valuable leads through the buyers journey. Understanding where a potential customer is in the cycle is important and it takes the right tools to communucate at the right time…

Here’s one example of a lead generation process

Your message (ad) would appear to people searching for the type of work you currently do.

1. We create a landing page in which the title and page description appears in search engines for your keyword. We'll start by choosing keywords (words people search for when looking for your business) that'll make your message appear to people who are looking to learn more about your product or service. Then we'll create landing pages that let people know about your area of expertise!

2. People then see the title of the results page. If the words people search for match your keywords (we’ll generate the keywords for you), your ad can appear above or next to organic search results. The higher the ad rank, the higher the chance of potential donors clicking on your ad – ad rank is based on scoring factors that we’ll work with you on a monthly basis.

3. We create an offer and a landing page with a form and an offer After potential supporters click on your ad, they'll be redirected to your website. At this point your landing page (must match what you're advertising) will convince people to sign up to your email list so they can receive the content or offer, they were looking for.

4. Now start building your relationship through marketing automation! Once they have downloaded your offer they'll have other related offers and content they can be given. You'll have their contact information to start building your relationship and nurture the relationship. Inevitably, some will become clients and customers.

Download the Five ways to create low cost marketing online to better understand where you should invest your time and money in a campaign.